How We Spend Parish Money

Resurrection Catholic Church relies on four major sources of income.? The revenues from each source generally provide the financing for different dimensions of parish life.

  • Sunday Collections😕 The monies?gathered in the weekend collections, together with regularly scheduled electronic donations (credit card payments, automatic account withdrawals, etc.) constitute this category.? This revenue finances the regular operations of the parish that are itemized in the annual budget.? Offerings in this category are considered ordinary income, and are taxed by the Diocese of Rockford.
  • Improvement Fund😕 A separate account has been established, with the permission of the Diocese,?to cover the costs of capital improvement in the physical structure of the parish facilities.? Donations made to this fund are not taxed by the Diocese.? The parish is allowed to raise a maximum of $125,000 over a three-year period for these purposes.
  • DSA Refund😕 Each year, our parish is assigned an assessment to provide support for the Diocesan budget.? Parish families are asked to offer an annual pledge to help cover this assessment.? Every penny collected that exceeds the target is automatically returned to the parish in the form of a Refund.? This refund is tax-free revenue that the parish may spend as it chooses.? In 2015-2016, the DSA Refund totaled $9,864, which has been used in part, to replace the hot water heater and provide new appliances for the kitchen.? We are currently striving to reach this year’s target of $44,622.? Pledges/payments can be made by contacting Brother Christopher in the parish office, or by?pledging online at?
  • Italian Dinner😕 This annual fundraiser is dedicated to funding various ministry needs that are not covered in the parish budget.? Each year, a featured ministry is selected to receive the largest share of the proceeds, but other ministries also benefit from the event.? The 50/50 raffle that evening supports our Outreach to the Needy Ministry.? This year, the event is scheduled for Friday evening, February 24, 2017.