How We Serve the Parish

Liturgical Ministries

  • Altar Servers: an opportunity for younger members of the parish who have celebrated their First Communion to assist at the altar during Mass. Click here for schedule and information
  • Art & Environment: the preparation of our place of worship so that our faith community may gather to pray in a place of beauty and inspiration. Click here for schedule and information
  • Eucharistic Ministers: confirmed adults and teens who are commissioned to assist in the distribution of Communion at Mass.? Some Eucharistic Ministers also serve in the Ministry of Care by bringing communion to the homebound and the infirmed.Click for schedule and information
  • Greeters: families assigned to lead our parish welcome of those who join us for Sunday ?worship.
  • Lectors: those who proclaim the Word of God at Mass through their reading of the Old and New Testament selections. Click for schedule and information
  • Music Ministers: vocalists and instrumentalists, directed by the Director of Music or his/her designee, who lead the congregation at Mass in Psalms, hymns, and inspired songs. Click for schedule and information
  • Linen Tenders: those who assist behind the scenes by insuring that a steady supply of clean and attractive altar linens is available. Click for schedule and information
  • Sacristans: those who work to prepare beforehand the vessels and objects required to celebrate Mass. Click for schedule and information

Ministries to Our Families

A variety of parish ministries has developed over time as opportunities for service, within our own community and beyond.? These ministries include:

  • Fellowship: assisting in the organization of one or more fellowship events that allow the community to gather and celebrate each other?s company. Click for schedule and information
  • Helping Hands: providing meals and supportive services for families who have an ill or incapacitated member.? Assisting a grieving family in organizing a funeral luncheon at the parish may also be requested. Click for schedule and information
  • Intercessory Prayer (Prayer Chain): assisting those in need with the power of prayer.? A phone tree has been established that invites a network of intercessors to help those who have requested their prayers. Click for information
  • Parish Nursery: a service organized among the parents of the very young to provide separate space for toddlers during weekend worship. Click for schedule and information
  • Welcoming: a committee of enthusiastic members who seek to introduce new families into the life of the parish. Click for information