Our Finance Council
Mike Skala Chairman finance@resurrectioncatholic.church
Jeanne Adelmann
Brendan Dunican
Larry Holbein
Chip Yager


Finance Council normally meets on the fourth Tuesday of the month. Check the calendar or the parish bulletin for schedule changes

  • How We Spend Parish Money

    Resurrection Catholic Church relies on four major sources of income.? The revenues from each source generally provide the financing for different dimensions of parish life. Sunday Collections😕 The monies?gathered in the weekend collections, together with regularly scheduled electronic donations (credit card payments, automatic account withdrawals, etc.) constitute this category.? This revenue finances the regular operations of the parish that are itemized in the annual budget.? Offerings in this category are considered ordinary income, and are taxed ...

  • Diocesan Appeal Update

    Families can still contribute to our Diocesan Stewardship assessment in one of two ways: Your family can obtain the necessary pledge form from the parish business office (brchris@resurrectioncc.comcastbiz.net). Make on-line pledges/payments to the Diocese at?www.rockforddiocese.org/donate?.   If we collect less than the target ($44,622), the difference will be made up by money from the Sunday collections. If we collect more than the target, every surplus dollar returns to the parish as unassessed (tax-free) income that can be spent on parish ...