Peace and Justice

PopeFrancis_DoveOur group meets on a regular basis in order to promote and educate within the parish community on the Social Teachings of the Church.  We strongly defend the dignity of every human life against the practices that endanger it — poverty, abortion, death penalty, all violence, war, torture, hunger, discrimination, and environmental destruction. Peace and Justice usually meets on the first Monday evening of every month at 7PM.

All are welcome. Often people get involved because of a particular social justice issue they feel strongly about. We welcome you to participate on that basis.

Contacts: Dan Driscoll-Shaw and Jim Proctor


The Bread for the World annual offering of Letters will take place after Masses the weekend of May 20/21. The offering presents us with the opportunity to speak up for the poor and hungry whose voice is not fully heard. We are called to do this in the Gospel of Matthew (chapter 25). This year’s effort will focus on both domestic and international hunger and development assistance provided by our federal government.

Please stop by in the Narthex to amplify your citizenship by writing a handwritten letter to your member of Congress. Sample letters and writing materials will be available. This Offering is being coordinated by the Peace and Justice Ministry. Thank you.